Services for Friends and Family

As a service for our clients, we make ourselves available as a sounding board for any of your friends or family members. When someone you care about needs financial guidance, we will make time to meet with them and point them in a helpful direction.


As financial stewards, we always want to make ourselves available as a sounding board to those you care about – even if it’s to confirm that they’re on the right track. That is why we created a service for friends and family.

How to access our service:

Step 1

If a situation arises where an individual may need assistance with a financial matter such as retirement planning or investing, you are welcome to share with them your experience in working with our practice.

Step 2

Ask the person if they would like to meet with us, and with their permission, call or email us to provide us with their contact information.

Step 3

  • We will call them to introduce ourselves and talk briefly about their needs, potentially scheduling a phone conference or meeting.
  • Following the meeting, we will determine the next steps.
  • We will answer any questions that we can. We may also direct them to other resources, as necessary.
  • If they need ongoing assistance, we will mutually determine if we begin a working relationship.

We are here for you and anyone who may need guidance with a financial situation. You are always welcome to call us.


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