Insurance Planning

If there is one thing certain about life – it is the uncertainty that living it brings. The best laid plans can sometimes be upset by the unexpected. Even though you may think you have all the bases covered, life sometimes has a funny way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. Risk planning is an integral part of a coordinated financial plan. In this part of our planning service, we strive to help you to understand all of the risks in your existing plan. You may choose to mitigate some risks through insurance or may choose that some are risks in which you are comfortable taking. Our job is to educate you and to make sure that your insurance plan is best structured so that you are as well protected as you want to be.

Why Insurance Planning is Important.

Risk planning is simply making sure that the only risks in your plan are those that you have chosen to take or those from which you choose to be less protected. Some risks are inherent to life, so it is our job to educate our clients so that you are aware of and have considered all potential risks. At its core, risk planning is simply protecting the assets that you have accumulated and/or your ability to accumulate assets in the future.

We will help you to analyze your various existing insurance coverages and make sure they are providing the protection for which you intended. We will also make recommendations on any adjustments or additions to your risk plan you might consider. Our goal is to help you understand all of the risks in your plan, to make sure that the funds you are spending on your insurance plan are most efficiently utilized, and to design your plan so that potential risks would have a minimal impact on your ability to have an overall successful financial plan.

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